How a cosmetic dentist office in Aldershot can improve your confidence

Cosmetic Dentist Office of Dr. Khanna at Dentistry at Lasalle in Burlington (Aldershot), On Area

Feeling confident about your appearance affects many areas of your life. It can give your self-esteem a boost, make you smile brightly, and help you succeed personally and professionally. Often patients who are unhappy with their smile may try to hide it behind a hand or closed lips. Or they may simply not smile as often as they would like. These are common reasons why patients look for a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Swati Khanna and the team at Dentistry at Lasalle help their patients get back their self-esteem and confident attitude with cosmetic dentistry services. There are several common treatments … Continue reading

Patients in Burlington, ON are looking to improve their smile with dentures

Types of Dentures in Burlington area

Are you embarrassed by your smile because you have lost several or, in some cases, all your teeth? Dr. Swatti Khanna and her team at Dentistry at LaSalle in Burlington, ON values the opportunity to complete your smile with artificial, yet natural looking and affordable dentures that you will be proud of. Dr. Khanna looks forward to assisting you through the process of creating customized dentures that will fit comfortably and provide you with renewed chewing power, among other benefits. Traditional Denture Options There are multiple denture options available to patients, depending on their needs, which include: Partial Dentures – … Continue reading

Patients in Burlington, ON are discovering mercury-free tooth colored fillings

Mercury-free Tooth Filling in Burlington area

We all dread going into the dentist with a toothache knowing what the future holds. First, there will be an examination of the tooth followed by that dreaded news that there is, in fact, a cavity. But have no fear! Dr. Swati Khanna and her team at Dentistry at LaSalle welcome you in for an experience that will leave you in great oral health in no time with minimal discomfort. Dr. Khanna has been providing mercury free tooth colored fillings to patients in the Burlington, ON region for years. She is a trusted member of the community and provides a … Continue reading

Burlington, Ontario area dentist offers treatments for kids

Dentist for Kids in Burlington Ontario area

Finding a dentist that serves adults is simple, but what about a dentist who provides treatments for the entire family? At Dentistry at La Salle in Burlington, Ontario, our dentist is pleased to offer services for both children and adults under one roof! Dental services for kids may include everything from simple cleanings and evaluations to extensive restorative work as needed. What treatments are available for children? While children often have different dental concerns that require specialized care, they also require the same treatments as adults in most cases. Below is a simple list of the treatments available for children: … Continue reading

Services available from our dentist in Burlington, Ontario

Dentist Services in Burlington Ontario area

Our dental practice in Burlington, Ontario exists to help patients with a wide range of dental concerns. Whether you need general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry solutions for you or your children, the team at Dentistry at La Salle can assist! We provide a wide range of services from an experienced, qualified dentist, and welcome new patients into our state-of-the-art dental facility. Below are the services offered at our practice: General dentistry – general dentistry services are treatments and services that help patients achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. This includes recall visits for cleanings and examinations. General dentistry also … Continue reading

Dentist in Burlington, ON offers sedation methods for those with mild to severe dental anxieties

Sedation Dentist in Burlington area

When dental anxieties get in the way of getting the treatment you need, Dr. Swati Khanna encourages you to learn more about sedation dentistry. Whether your anxieties are mild or severe, our team in Burlington, ON has a solution for you. We offer many ways in which we can help patients relax before and during their dental appointment. Nitrous oxide – one of the first methods of sedation is nitrous oxide, which may also be called “laughing gas.” This is an odorless gas that is administered to patients through the nose. It is best for patients with mild to moderate … Continue reading

Services provided for kids by Burlington, ON dentist

Kids Dentist in Burlington area

At Dentistry at La Salle, Dr. Swati Khanna of Burlington, ON offers services that are provided not only for adults but also kids! Our dental team provides dental care for our youngest patients. As soon as a child develops their first primary teeth through the gum line, they need to visit a dentist to evaluate their oral health. This is a great time to provide education for parents and teach parents about how they can ensure their children have healthy smiles for life! What are the services provided for kids at Dentistry at La Salle? Dr. Swati Khanna is pleased … Continue reading

Wondering, “Why do I need a dental crown?” Burlington – Aldershot area dentist explains

Why do I need a dental crown in Burlington area

Dental crowns are a common functional and aesthetic restoration that protects weakened and damaged teeth. Because they are so commonly recommended, many individuals ask us, “Why do I need a dental crown?” At Dentistry at LaSalle, we understand why this question gets asked. For starters, even with dental insurance, dental crowns can be expensive. And furthermore, it’s important to make sure that you are receiving the correct services. In the following article, we’ll explain dental crowns and their purpose to help you determine why you need a dental crown. And if you’re in the Burlington or Aldershot areas, call us … Continue reading

Are you curious about “What is dental irrigation and why do I need it? Aldershot Dentist, Dr. Khanna, explains

What is irrigation and why do I need irrigation LaSalle in Aldershot area

Have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease? If so, your dentist may have recommended dental irrigation. The primary purpose of this treatment is to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth which can aid in the treatment of periodontal disease. At Dentistry at La Salle in Aldershot, we encourage all our patients to maintain routine dental exams and cleanings which can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. However, if periodontal disease does occur, do not worry, our team is well equipped to offer treatment that will restore oral health. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is a progressive dental … Continue reading

Patients in Aldershot ask, “Why do I need to get a root canal?”

Why Do I Need a Root Canal in Aldershot area

At Dentistry at LaSalle, we provide high quality, comprehensive dental care for patients in and around the Aldershot area. Root canals are one of the procedures that we recommend in order to save a severely damaged tooth. While they have gained a reputation as a painful procedure that should be feared, root canals are a safe and effective way to save the natural tooth and prevent the need for extraction. If you are wondering, “Why do I need to get a root canal?” Allow us to explain. Below, we’ll look at the root canal procedure and their value when performed … Continue reading

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