Aldershot, Ontario dentist explains the importance of children’s dental care

Dentist in Aldershot Ontario Area

Finding a dentist for your family should not have to be a challenge. Parents who are in need of a dentist near me should contact Dentistry at LaSalle in Aldershot, Ontario. Our dentists offer comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We understand the importance of quality dental care and work with you to develop good habits for your family. Establish good oral hygiene for children Proper oral hygiene begins as early as infancy. Children, even infants and toddlers, need to follow a routine to keep their teeth and gums healthy. For babies, wipe the gums with a soft cloth … Continue reading

Aldershot, ON dentist explains the benefits of Invisalign for straightening teeth

Invisalign Dentist in Aldershot ON Area

A straight, even smile is beautiful and healthy. It helps you make a good first impression and makes you feel better about yourself. Straightening your teeth should not be difficult. With Invisalign, patients can achieve a more beautiful smile without the hassle of metal brackets. Located in Aldershot, ON, the dentists at Dentistry at LaSalle offer Invisalign as an option for orthodontic correction. Teeth straightening with Invisalign Orthodontic treatments improve the function and aesthetic of the smile. Invisalign aligner trays are FDA approved for the treatment of mild to moderate orthodontic needs. Since the trays are made of clear, BPA … Continue reading

Why Burlington patients choose porcelain veneers for crooked teeth

Veneers for Crooked Teeth in Burlington Area

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… at Dentistry at La Salle, we think smiles are worth a thousand words! If you feel like your smile isn’t sending the right message to others due to imperfections such as crooked teeth, discolorations, chips, or other aesthetic issues, we have options to help you achieve the stunning smile you’ve always wanted. One of the most versatile and popular cosmetic treatments we offer Burlington, ON area patients is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers in a nutshell Porcelain veneers are a modern dental treatment that is designed to transform the appearance of … Continue reading

Get the urgent dental services you need from Burlington emergency dentist

From the Emergency Dentist, Get the Urgent Dental Services You Need from Burlington Area

If you or a member of your family is having a dental emergency, do you know who to call? At Dentistry at La Salle, we are here to help! Our Burlington, ON dentists understand how stressful a dental emergency can be – it can truly stop your life in its tracks. We offer a wide array of emergency dental services and strive to see you on the same day so you can get back to your normal life again, pain-free and smiling. Common types of dental emergencies Dental issues can span a broad spectrum, from minor issues that are less … Continue reading

Invisalign dentist in Burlington helps you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted

Invisalign Dentist in Burlington Area Helps You Achieve the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

If you have ever felt like crooked teeth are holding you back or making you feel less than your best about your smile, but don’t want to spend years in uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces, then Invisalign® may be just the treatment for you! At Dentistry at LaSalle, dentist Dr. Swati Khanna offers Burlington, ON area patients this revolutionary treatment to straighten crooked teeth and fix problematic bite issues. How Invisalign works Invisalign is a personalized orthodontic treatment that is designed for today’s active and social lifestyles. After a one-on-one consultation and comprehensive evaluation with our dentist to ensure that … Continue reading

Dentist in Burlington, ON Assisting Residents on Recognizing and Caring for Dental Emergencies

Essential Emergency Dental Care Treatments for Emergency Dentist Services in Burlington Area

Treating a dental emergency can be the difference between losing and saving a tooth or multiple teeth. It’s important that you find a dentist who offers emergency services for patients in need. Dr. Swati Khanna at Dentistry at La Salle offers emergency dental assistance for any patients in the Burlington, ON area who are in need. Do You Need Emergency Dental Assistance? It is vitally important to understand what types of injuries fall under the umbrella of emergency dental care so that you can get you, or your family’s teeth cared for while avoiding unnecessary visits to an emergency room. … Continue reading

Dentist in Ontario offering Tips to Minimize Risk with Dental Implants

Tips to Minimize Risk with Dental Implants in Ontario Canada Area

Is the confidence that you currently have in your smile not what it used to be? Is this confidence due to gaps in your smile which are a result of missing teeth? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then dental implants are something you should probably look into. Dental implants offered by Dr. Swati Khanna at Dentistry at La Salle in Ontario, Canada are intended to restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile while also restoring functionality. An implant is surgically inserted and fused to your jawbone and an abutment (typically a crown) is then affixed so that it … Continue reading

Dentist in Burlington, ON Offering Quality, Safe Cosmetic Dentistry with Great Results

Dentist in Burlington, on Area Offering Quality, Safe Cosmetic Dentist Services

For those in the Burlington, ON area looking to improve the aesthetic of their smile, the field of cosmetic dentistry offers several procedures that may correct any number of issues. Dr. Swati Khanna and her team at Dentistry at La Salle offer cosmetic dentistry focused on improving aesthetic appearances that will enhance a patient’s smile and oral functionality including speaking and chewing.   Dr. Khanna provides several cosmetic dentistry services meant to improve upon a patient’s smile, leaving them with improved confidence and happiness. An initial consultation will provide patients with the opportunity to discuss any cosmetic concerns so that … Continue reading

Are dental implants the right choice for you? Burlington, Ontario dentist explains the process.

Dental Implants In Burlington Ontario Area

If you’ve lost a tooth, you likely know that there are many options for replacing that gap that’s left behind. You may know that one of those options is dental implant surgery. However, most patients don’t really know much about it. Dr. Swati Khanna and the team at LaSalle Dentistry in Burlington Ontario have been working with patients to help them decide which replacement tooth option is best for each individual’s unique situation. The process for dental implants To understand more about dental implants, it helps to think of them as a replacement tooth root. First, the dentist will place … Continue reading

Burlington parents ask, “Will Invisalign orthodontic services work for children?”

Invisalign Services For Children In Burlington Area

Braces with metal brackets and sharp wires used to be the norm for many children and teens. While this orthodontic treatment was, and still is, effective, many kids don’t want to deal with the change in appearance, or the pain that traditional orthodontics can cause. With the growing popularity of Invisalign orthodontic services, Dr. Swati Khanna of LaSalle Dentistry advises parents that Invisalign can be the right orthodontic treatment for some children. Benefits of Invisalign Invisalign orthodontic treatment, which uses clear alignment trays to gently shift the teeth into the proper position, offers several benefits for patients of any age: … Continue reading

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