Dr. Swati Khanna Wins

"Best Dentist" Readers’ Choice Award for Four Years in a Row!

Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2019!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2018!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2017!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2016!
People in and around Burlington, ON have once again shown their love and loyalty towards Dr. Swati Khanna (Dentistry at La Salle) by choosing her for the “Best Dentist” Readers’ Choice Award for 2018. Dr. Khanna was also chosen for this award in 2017 and 2016.

Dental Implants

Implants Dentistry in Burlington ON When you lose a tooth, your first concern is probably cosmetic. However, missing teeth can cause many oral health problems as well. We recommend dental implants to our Burlington area patients for maximum aesthetic and health benefits.

What are dental implants?

An implant is essentially a prosthetic tooth root. It is inserted in the jawbone, where a natural root would be. The implant serves dual functions, providing excellent stability for replacement teeth and maintaining the bone’s health and strength.

Dental implant treatment is highly customizable, to replace one or multiple teeth. The number, type, and size of implants needed will be determined after a comprehensive consultation. There are multiple implant options to meet the unique needs of each patient.
Customizable Dental Implants Treatment, Burlington ON
  • A single implant topped with a porcelain crown is the most common solution for an individual missing tooth.
  • Two or more implants can be used to support a specially designed bridge for replacing multiple teeth. The restoration is custom designed to fill the gaps without disturbing remaining natural teeth.
  • For replacing all teeth, an implant supported denture may be recommended. Because these dentures do not need suction to hold them in place, they do not cover the roof of your mouth, making them more comfortable and natural feeling than traditional dentures.
  • All-On-Four is an innovative implant denture system that uses just four implants to support the plate, making the procedure faster and more economical.
  • If you already wear standard removable dentures, they can be retrofitted for dental implants.

What is a Dental Implant? Explained by Dr. Swati Khanna

Root Canal Therapy without pain by Dr. Swati Khanna
If you are looking for a natural way of getting a missing tooth replaced and does not want to worry about maintaining dentures, Dental implants are for you. Watch this video as Dr. Swati Khanna explains what dental implants are.
What is a dental implant and how does it work?

If you are missing teeth, then the other teeth will take the load for those teeth. You would have an open space not only just for cosmetic purposes but also for your dental health.

If you are missing a tooth, then the other teeth take a lot more force. They do more work than if you had a full set of teeth when the forces are divided.

What replacement options are there for missing teeth?

If you are missing a tooth, there are various options. We normally discuss which option is right for you. Dental implants are usually the best option, and there are few reasons for that.
  • The dental implants do not rely on the other teeth
  • You are not reducing the other teeth
  • You are not getting support from them
So the adjacent teeth don't get compromised in the long run. With implants, wherever you have lost a tooth and that tooth is replaced while the other teeth stay where they are.

Can dental implants help stabilize dentures?

We use implants to support dentures. If the dentures are very loose and you're not able to eat what you want and to enjoy life, then dental implants are a great solution for dentures.

With implants, dentures have more retention, and they don't move as much, so you're able to enjoy life.

The complete implant process generally takes between four and nine months to complete. Patients have the option of wearing temporary restorations, so that they can eat and smile normally during the healing phase.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dentistry at LaSalle, our Aldershot office, at (905) 481-9078.

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