Dr. Swati Khanna Wins

"Best Dentist" Readers’ Choice Award for Four Years in a Row!

Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2019!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2018!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2017!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2016!
People in and around Burlington, ON have once again shown their love and loyalty towards Dr. Swati Khanna (Dentistry at La Salle) by choosing her for the “Best Dentist” Readers’ Choice Award for 2018. Dr. Khanna was also chosen for this award in 2017 and 2016.

Technologies use in Dentistry at LaSalle

Get outstanding results with great patient comfort at Dentistry at La Salle! The new iTero scanner delivers as promised

iTero scanning - Dr. Swati Khanna
Knowing more about our patients is a great way for the team at La Salle to provide more personalized and effective treatment options and plans that generate ideal results! With the iTero scanner, dentistry is even more simplified and stress-free for our patients and dental professionals.

This revolutionary technology allows for more proactive and accurate results that work hand in hand with Invisalign treatment. From visualizing exterior tooth impressions to proving imagery on the internal structural design of the tooth, it is also a great method to diagnose or identify any hidden abnormalities in the teeth.

The iTero scanner has proved itself to be a time saving, insightful, safe (radiation free) instrument for oral health professionals everywhere, and certainly at La Salle Dentistry.
iTero scanning – at dentistry at La Salle we have made Invisalign treatment even easier and more proficient with the use of our latest iTero and digital impressions scanner. This state of the art technology allows our well trained technicians to take accurate 3D digital images of your mouth. By taking these scans we eliminate the need for impressions as well as expediting the process of starting your Invisalign treatment.

The iTero scanner is all about patient comfort – it delivers a digital impression that is much more accurate than a routine dental impression. The iTero scanner does not expose our patients to any sort of radiation and is completely safe.

The best part is that the iTero scanner is fast and accurate – your Invisalign treatment is expedited and the fit of your aligners is far superior than when made with traditional impressions.

Benefits of the iTero 5D element – imagine a technologically advanced platform that propels your dental experience into new dimensions. The iTero scanner allows for dentist and other oral care providers to give their patients significantly more accurate and more comfortable work. It makes appointments faster and reduces the air encounter during the creation of devices made to fit in a patient’s mouth. This means the iTero scanner represents a new level of quality when it comes to taking tooth impressions.

Advanced technology to scan internal tooth structure – this is a diverse 3D intraoral scanner near-infrared imaging technology to aid your diagnostic work flow, it aids in detection and monitoring proximal carries above the gingiva in real time.

See how the treatment is progressing with iTero time-lapse technology – when you can see your changes over time you are more likely to stay engaged and take better care of your oral health which helps us to keep an eye on treatment progress for better outcomes.

Explore dentistry at La Salle located at Ontario. We use the iTero digital scanner to give our patients the best care Visit www.dentistryatlasalle.com to learn more about us or call (905) 481-9078

Dentistry advances rapidly, and so do we! Dentistry at LaSalle is located in a modern, nearly new office in Aldershot, Burlington. Our office is equipped with a wide variety of up-to-date technology for optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Our technologies include:
  • Invisalign – Metal free orthodontic treatment using transparent, removable aligners
  • Precision Dentistry – High powered magnification for accurate diagnosis and precise micro-surgery
  • VELscope Cancer Screenings – Painless, non-invasive, light-based screening technique detects tissue abnormalities before they are visible to the naked eye
  • Spadent Teeth Whitening – Gentle and effective way to brighten teeth with minimal risk of sensitivity
  • Laser Dentistry – Minimally invasive gum surgery
  • Mini Implants – A great alternative for patients who don’t have enough bone tissue for standard implants
  • Intraoral Camera – Allows your dentist to see more, and allows you to see what your dentist is seeing
  • Dexis Digital X-Rays – Transillumination technology for more accurate imaging with a more comfortable process
  • Dental Vibe – Advanced comfort technology virtually eliminates pain associated with injections
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliances – Oral appliance therapy is a comfortable, convenient way to maintain optimal position of the oral cavity during sleep for quiet, uninhibited breathing
  • Digital Dentures – AvaDent digitally engineered dentures provide an exceptional fit and appearance, with fewer appointments and less adjustments
  • Wheelchair Dental Suite – Limited mobility doesn’t mean limited access to quality dentistry, thanks to our full access accommodations
  • More to come – We are committed to keeping up with advances in dentistry, and maintaining our elevated standard of service, including regularly upgrading or adding technology

The team at Dentistry at LaSalle genuinely cares about your emotional and physical comfort during dental procedures. As part of our commitment to ensuring the most pleasant experience possible, we now utilize The Wand dental anesthesia system.

Do you feel nervous about the idea of numbing injections? Do you cringe when you see the big silver syringe headed your way? Does the pinch feel little deeper each time? The Wand resolves these concerns, bringing virtually painless injections to patients in the Burlington, ON area.

The Wand technology
The Wand technology The device provides computer-controlled dental injections. Most people think the sting they feel is from the needle piercing tissue. In reality, the sensation comes from anesthetic being administered too quickly – something the dentist has little control over with a standard syringe. With The Wand, the computer precisely controls flow rate for increased comfort and reduced anxiety.

Benefits of The Wand
  • The handpiece is non-threatening. It looks something like a ballpoint pen.
  • Injections are more comfortable, even in areas such as the palate, where tissues are less pliable.
  • Rapid onset means you spend less time in the chair waiting to get numb.
  • Multiple areas of the mouth can be treated in one visit.
  • Because administration of anesthesia is so precise, collateral numbness is practically eliminated.
  • Your face is not numb when you go back out in public.

Your well being and satisfaction are top priorities at Dentistry at LaSalle. Call (905) 481-9078 to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Swati Khanna Dentistry at LaSalle

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Helping patients get the smile they love with consideration for their unique needs is our goal at Dentistry at LaSalle in Burlington (Aldershot), ON. We provide a full spectrum of dental services to take care of patients of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, and even the most anxious. Preventative exams and dental cleanings, cosmetic and restorative care with dental implants, crowns and bridges, tooth-colored fillings, and all types of dentures are included among our repertoire of services.

Dr. Swati Khanna (selected for the Best Dentist Readers’ Choice Award multiple times) and Dr. Liliana Otrocol are among the team of skilled and experienced professionals providing friendly and compassionate care to the communities in and around Aldershot.

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