Aldershot, ON patients inquire, “Should I use teeth whitening services?”

Should I Use Teeth Whitening in Aldershot area

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s almost impossible to escape advertising for teeth whitening. It’s everywhere—on TV, on social media, and even at your dentist’s office. As a result, more and more people in Aldershot are wondering, “Should I use teeth whitening treatments?”


If you’re unsure about how teeth whitening works and whether it’s right for you, we’re here to help. Teeth whitening is a safe process that can improve your appearance and your self-esteem. There are so many benefits to choosing professional teeth whitening from your dentist in Aldershot.  Your smile is the center of your face and can really be important both socially and professionally.


The following are some reasons in favor of using teeth whitening.

It improves your appearance

Even though your teeth may be healthy and straight, they can still succumb to staining from dark liquids such as coffee, tea and soda.

It gives your confidence a boost

Whether you are giving a big presentation, showing up to an important interview, or going out on a date, a white smile will give you that extra bit of confidence to set you apart.

It makes you look younger

Whiter teeth take the focus away from other areas of the face where there may be lines or wrinkles, making you look younger.

It doesn’t break the bank

Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable ways to enhance your smile and improve your appearance.

It makes you appear friendlier

The simple act of smiling makes you seem approachable and friendly. It’s also known for releasing endorphins and making you happier. Teeth whitening gives you the confidence and desire to smile more.


Now that you know why you should consider teeth whitening, it’s now time to understand why you should always opt for professional solutions from your dentist.

  • Professional whitening is proven safe – Using your dentist for whitening ensures that you avoid any complications or future problems.
  • Professional whitening is stronger than alternatives – When you use professional strength products, you are getting a superior grade of whitening. Over-the-counter solutions are typically much weaker and produce less effective results.
  • Professional whitening is faster – In office whitening can produce results in as little as an hour, while professional at-home kits can whiten in just a few weeks.

Choosing In-Office versus At-Home Professional Whitening

Having difficulty deciding if you want to do in-office or at-home whitening? We can help you choose the option that is best for you.

In-Office Whitening

Many people opt for in-office professional teeth whitening because the results are achieved quickly. In-office teeth whitening produces dramatically whiter teeth in just a single office visit, often less than an hour long.


Before a whitening treatment, we will perform a thorough dental cleaning to ensure the teeth are free of any plaque buildup. A special barrier is used to protect your gums and to keep your cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the whitening solution.


The front of each tooth is then coated in the professional bleaching solution. The solution is then cured with a special light to activate the peroxide and complete the whitening process. Once the desired shade of white is achieved, the solution is rinsed off, and fluoride can be applied to the teeth to ease sensitivity.

At-Home Whitening

At-Home Whitening in Aldershot area

For individuals who wish to whiten their teeth more gradually or in the privacy of their own home, we offer at-home professional dental whitening. Patients will be sent home with trays, a special whitening gel, and instructions for proper use.


The at-home whitening solution is gentle, yet effective so patients do not have to worry about “over whitening” the teeth. Professional at-home kits use a much stronger solution than can be found over the counter at a store.


Regardless of whether you choose in-office or at-home teeth whitening, you can rest assured that this effective and affordable cosmetic dental treatment will enhance your smile and your life. At Dentistry at LaSalle, we offer a wide range of comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments designed to give our patients a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are in the Aldershot, ON area and are wondering if you should get teeth whitening or any other procedure, we invite you to call our office at (905) 481-9078 today to request an appointment.


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