Platinum Invisalign Provider 2023, Burlington (Aldershot ON)

Dr. Swati Khanna Wins

"Best Dentist" Readers’ Choice Award for Four Years in a Row!

Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2019!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2018!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2017!
Dr. Swati has won for Best Dentist in the Reader's Choice Awards 2016!
People in and around Burlington, ON have once again shown their love and loyalty towards Dr. Swati Khanna (Dentistry at La Salle) by choosing her for the “Best Dentist” Readers’ Choice Award for 2018. Dr. Khanna was also chosen for this award in 2017 and 2016.


Platinum Invisalign Provider 2023, Burlington (Aldershot ON)
We can fix it (Invisalign) - Dr. Swati Khanna
Orthodontic treatment has never been so beautiful and convenient! If you want to correct crooked teeth or bite misalignment without cumbersome, unattractive metal braces, then Invisalign from our Burlington dental practice may be the ideal solution for you. This unique orthodontic system utilizes thin, removable, transparent aligners rather than traditional metal brackets and wires.

Is Invisalign right for you?

We begin with a complimentary consultation, and then review your options. Occasionally, especially complex cases may require standard braces, or a combination of traditional orthodontics and Invisalign. However, the majority of patients who want straighter, better aligned smiles are potential Invisalign candidates.

Invisalign may be used for:
  • Crowded or widely gapped teeth
  • Rotation of one or several specific teeth
  • Correction of bite alignment issues such as underbite, overbite, or crossbite
  • Re-straightening teeth that have shifted after past orthodontic treatment

Is Invisalign Right for You?

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Get outstanding results with great patient comfort at Dentistry at La Salle! The new iTero scanner delivers as promised

iTero scanning - Dr. Swati Khanna
Knowing more about our patients is a great way for the team at La Salle to provide more personalized and effective treatment options and plans that generate ideal results! With the iTero scanner, dentistry is even more simplified and stress-free for our patients and dental professionals.

This revolutionary technology allows for more proactive and accurate results that work hand in hand with Invisalign treatment. From visualizing exterior tooth impressions to proving imagery on the internal structural design of the tooth, it is also a great method to diagnose or identify any hidden abnormalities in the teeth.

The iTero scanner has proved itself to be a time saving, insightful, safe (radiation free) instrument for oral health professionals everywhere, and certainly at La Salle Dentistry.
iTero scanning – at dentistry at La Salle we have made Invisalign treatment even easier and more proficient with the use of our latest iTero and digital impressions scanner. This state of the art technology allows our well trained technicians to take accurate 3D digital images of your mouth. By taking these scans we eliminate the need for impressions as well as expediting the process of starting your Invisalign treatment.

The iTero scanner is all about patient comfort – it delivers a digital impression that is much more accurate than a routine dental impression. The iTero scanner does not expose our patients to any sort of radiation and is completely safe.

The best part is that the iTero scanner is fast and accurate – your Invisalign treatment is expedited and the fit of your aligners is far superior than when made with traditional impressions.

Benefits of the iTero 5D element – imagine a technologically advanced platform that propels your dental experience into new dimensions. The iTero scanner allows for dentist and other oral care providers to give their patients significantly more accurate and more comfortable work. It makes appointments faster and reduces the air encounter during the creation of devices made to fit in a patient’s mouth. This means the iTero scanner represents a new level of quality when it comes to taking tooth impressions.

Advanced technology to scan internal tooth structure – this is a diverse 3D intraoral scanner near-infrared imaging technology to aid your diagnostic work flow, it aids in detection and monitoring proximal carries above the gingiva in real time.

See how the treatment is progressing with iTero time-lapse technology – when you can see your changes over time you are more likely to stay engaged and take better care of your oral health which helps us to keep an eye on treatment progress for better outcomes.

Explore dentistry at La Salle located at Ontario. We use the iTero digital scanner to give our patients the best care Visit to learn more about us or call (905) 481-9078

What to expect

Invisalign in Burlington ON The process couldn’t be simpler. Specialized software is used to design custom aligner trays and preview expected results. Once the treatment plan has been developed and optimized, your aligners are created by the Invisalign laboratory. During treatment, you will need to wear the aligners almost constantly. However, they are removed during meals and for oral hygiene. You will wear each tray for two weeks, then replace it with the next one in the conveniently numbered series. Every six weeks we will schedule an appointment to monitor your progress and give you the next set of trays.

Benefits of Invisalign

Our Burlington area patients love Invisalign for many reasons including:
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Brushing and flossing is easy
  • No embarrassing “train track” braces
  • Ultra thin, ultra comfortable aligners
  • Fast convenient orthodontic checkup appointments
Joining our team of Invisalign providers at Dentistry at LaSalle, Drs. Swati Khanna, Liliana Otrocol, and Sam Gupta, is our Orthodontist Dr. Shakti Singh.

Invisalign explained by Dr. Swati Khanna

Invisalign explained by Dr. Swati Khanna
Invisalign can be used by adults, teenagers and also kids. The best thing about Invisalign is that you can remove them whenever you need and clean your teeth and put it back. With Invisalign, a lot of adults can get well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile that they have dreamt of easily without being conscious of wearing tradiotional braces. For more details Call Dr. Swati Khanna at Dentistry in LaSalle today to fix your appointment.
What kind of problems can be treated with Invisalign?
Over the years, we know that the teeth that fit together they last longer, they serve better, they crack less. So, a good bite is not only essential for a cosmetic purpose to make you look good, but it also helps the teeth in the long run. A person with good well-aligned teeth has good even forces and there are fewer gum problems, fewer problems with plaque and cavities. And Invisalign can help greatly in that area.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?
With Invisalign, you don't have to get traditional braces and you can wear the Invisalign trays, take them out at night and can clean your teeth as well. Invisalign is both for teenagers and adults as well. Straight teeth are not just for kids, it is beneficial for adults, kids, and teenagers as well. With Invisalign, a lot of adults now can get well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile that they have dreamt of.

Are there alternatives if Invisalign doesn't work for any patient?
In those cases, we do refer them to an orthodontist, but these days Invisalign can be done in most cases.
Invisalign has tremendously grown in their research and have come up with great solutions for many cases that were not there before.

What can you tell us about your sister office?
We have an affiliated office called Mount Royal Dental and they have specialists who come in, like a periodontist or a surgeon, and they do dentistry with sedation as well. So, if any of my patients at Dentistry LaSalle need a specialist for their treatment, we do recommend them going to Mount Royal Dental and seeking those treatments over there. It is good to be associated with another office, be in touch with them because the communication is better with the two offices. We can get the patient information and able to discuss the treatment plans with the specialist as well.

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Invisalign Before and After Results

Before Dental Invisalign Treatment at Dentistry at LaSalle


After Dental Invisalign Treatment at Dentistry at LaSalle


*Individual results may vary

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