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Invisalign explained by Dr. Swati Khanna

Invisalign explained by Dr. Swati Khanna
Invisalign can be used by adults, teenagers and also kids. The best thing about Invisalign is that you can remove them whenever you need and clean your teeth and put it back. With Invisalign, a lot of adults can get well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile that they have dreamt of easily without being conscious of wearing tradiotional braces. For more details Call Dr. Swati Khanna at Dentistry in LaSalle today to fix your appointment.
What kind of problems can be treated with Invisalign?
Over the years, we know that the teeth that fit together they last longer, they serve better, they crack less. So, a good bite is not only essential for a cosmetic purpose to make you look good, but it also helps the teeth in the long run. A person with good well-aligned teeth has good even forces and there are fewer gum problems, fewer problems with plaque and cavities. And Invisalign can help greatly in that area.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?
With Invisalign, you don't have to get traditional braces and you can wear the Invisalign trays, take them out at night and can clean your teeth as well. Invisalign is both for teenagers and adults as well. Straight teeth are not just for kids, it is beneficial for adults, kids, and teenagers as well. With Invisalign, a lot of adults now can get well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile that they have dreamt of.

Are there alternatives if Invisalign doesn't work for any patient?
In those cases, we do refer them to an orthodontist, but these days Invisalign can be done in most cases.
Invisalign has tremendously grown in their research and have come up with great solutions for many cases that were not there before.

What can you tell us about your sister office?
We have an affiliated office called Mount Royal Dental and they have specialists who come in, like a periodontist or a surgeon, and they do dentistry with sedation as well. So, if any of my patients at Dentistry LaSalle need a specialist for their treatment, we do recommend them going to Mount Royal Dental and seeking those treatments over there. It is good to be associated with another office, be in touch with them because the communication is better with the two offices. We can get the patient information and able to discuss the treatment plans with the specialist as well.

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