Wondering why you need to see the dentist every six months? One Aldershot dental practice explains why

Why do I need to visit the dentist in Aldershot area every six months?

You open your mailbox. Inside is a card from the dentist telling you it’s time for your six-month check-up. You wonder how it could possibly be time since you feel like you were just at the dentist ­– so you toss the card into the trash and go about your day.


This scenario in some form or another occurs all the time. We get asked, “Why do I need to visit the dentist in Aldershot every six months?” The answer is simple. Regular dental care is the easiest and most inexpensive way to keep your mouth healthy.  From preventing cavities and gum disease to early detection of oral cancer, here are some reasons why you should see your Aldershot dentist twice each year.

Regular dental care prevents tooth decay, plaque build-up, and cavities

Tooth decay is the breakdown of enamel due to bacteria. Over time, if the teeth aren’t properly cleaned, a buildup of bacteria-laden plaque will form. Plaque is a sticky deposit that clings to the teeth where the acid from the bacteria will continue to destroy enamel. Eventually this can lead to cavities… or worse.


Diagnosing tooth decay before it has progressed is an important part of your regular dental exam. If the dentist notices tooth decay, he or she can discuss ways to improve oral hygiene. The other part is a professional cleaning, which will eliminate the hard to remove plaque, so you leave with cleaner, healthier teeth.

Regular dental care can help with early detection of oral cancer

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Oral cancer is a very serious issue that can progress quickly if not diagnosed and treated early. The good news is that oral cancer found in its early stages can often be treated effectively.


During your exam, the dentist will look for the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Using a VELscope, the dentist can identity areas of necrotic tissue which is often formed by cancerous tumors.

Regular dental care can help in the prevention of gum disease

Not only is plaque and tartar buildup dangerous for your teeth, it is also dangerous for your gums. They can infect the gum tissue where it connects to the tooth, causing it to pull away and form infection.


Over time, these infections can lead to the breakdown of more gum tissue and the bone that holds the teeth in place. Once gum disease reaches that point, it’s common to see loss of permanent teeth and the need for extensive (and expensive!) restorations such as bone and tissue grafts, dental implants, or dentures.


If your dentist notices the signs of early gum disease, he or she can recommend additional deep cleanings to eliminate the infection and restore health before the damage becomes irreversible.

Regular dental care can improve overall health

Your dentist will also work with you to make lifestyle changes that improve both your oral health and your overall wellness. Patients who smoke can be advised about the negative impacts this has and provided with resources to stop. Other habits such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be a result of TMJ. Your dentist knows how to identify these issues and come up with a plan to improve them.

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Regular dental care can save you money

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You’ve heard the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This statement is extremely applicable when it comes to regular dental care. It is much easier to address potential problems and restore oral health when symptoms are caught at their earliest stage. Visiting the dentist regularly will save you from potentially expensive restorative care in the future.

Regular dental care will give you a prettier smile

Studies have shown that patients with an attractive smile have more self-esteem and confidence.


Visiting the dentist regularly helps keep your teeth looking clean and your smile looking bright. Your dentist can also recommend affordable cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, which can really transform your smile.

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