Dentist in Burlington, ON offers sedation methods for those with mild to severe dental anxieties

When dental anxieties get in the way of getting the treatment you need, Dr. Swati Khanna encourages you to learn more about sedation dentistry. Whether your anxieties are mild or severe, our team in Burlington, ON has a solution for you. We offer many ways in which we can help patients relax before and during their dental appointment.

Sedation Dentist in Burlington area
  • Nitrous oxide – one of the first methods of sedation is nitrous oxide, which may also be called “laughing gas.” This is an odorless gas that is administered to patients through the nose. It is best for patients with mild to moderate anxieties, as it can provide almost instant relaxation from start to finish. Patients are given oxygen when their treatment is complete to reverse the effects of the gas and allow them to drive to work, school, or home.
  • IV sedation – another method of sedation is IV sedation. This method delivers sedation intravenously and offers a deeper sedation than nitrous oxide. The sedation can be reversed by removing the IV. The vital signs of the patient are monitored throughout their treatment to ensure the appropriate amount of sedative is administered.
  • Full sedation – for those with severe anxieties, full sedation may be best. Full sedation allows the patient to be asleep throughout their appointment. Patients utilizing full sedation will need to work with a friend or relative for transportation to and from our office. Not only is this method best for patients with severe anxieties, but it can also be used for patients having a wide range of treatments done at one time in our practice.

Which one is best for me?

With the help of Dr. Swati Khanna, patients can determine which sedation method is appropriate for their needs during a consultation appointment.

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Dr. Swati Khanna and her team of professionals are here to help patients in the Burlington, ON area with their dental anxieties. If you are interested in working with the team at Dentistry at La Salle, we welcome you to call us at (905) 481-9078 for a consultation. Our team assists patients in and around the community at 18 Plains Road West, Unit 1.

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