After Care Techniques For Teeth with Invisalign Clear Braces in Burlington

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children.

If you suffer from anomalies, misalignments, or dislodged teeth in adulthood, you should not neglect them just because you believe that since you are already an adult, you should not pay attention to them. More and more adults are becoming aware of the importance of having perfect teeth. It gives them so much confidence and a reason to smile more. Invisalign is something that you can consider as a solution for your teeth in Burlington. Let’s now look at the solution.

Invisalign for Teeth at Dentistry at Lasalle in Burlington Area

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic system which makes use of removable braces, which can be removed, for example to eat and also for oral hygiene. Invisalign clear braces correct almost all orthodontic problems except in those cases in which there is an absence of multiple teeth and other special cases. Some problems that are treated very well with Invisalign are tooth crowding, excessive overbite, and closing of spaces.

Who Needs It?

It is also a very useful system for elite sports patients and musicians, since being able to remove the devices at a certain time makes it easier to carry out treatment without interrupting the activities of these people. It also has advantages for those who travel frequently for work and for whom it is not easy to go to a consultation to solve emergencies such as any form of displacement etc.

After Eating

The invisible clear braces are worn practically all day, and they change the original position of the teeth, correcting them. However, to keep them clean, they have to be removed on a regular basis. Because they are removable, they better facilitate daily dental hygiene. Invisalign orthodontics should be removed after meal times to clean the teeth and mouth.

How to Get It Done Properly

A very common mistake is to clean your actual teeth after a meal and put the Invisalign covers back on immediately without having cleaned them. The dirt that accumulates in the covers would pass into the mouth, contributing to the appearance of periodontal diseases. When the aligners are removed, it is advisable to wash them only with soap and cold water and never brush them with toothpaste, as they could lose their transparency. At Dentistry at LaSalle in Burlington, VT, it is recommended that you brush the aligners with neutral pH soap and a toothbrush to be able to access the tiny corners.

Dipping in Mouthwash

It is not recommended to dip the aligners in mouthwash, as mouthwash is not designed for cleaning the aligners. In addition, it is common that, if you use this practice, the aligners become stained and damaged. It is advised that whenever you remove the Invisalign clear braces, you keep them in their case or cover to protect them. These tips are important to avoid a bad taste in your mouth, bad breath and to maintain good oral hygiene in general.

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Oral Care

Avoid eating with the covers or with aligners in your mouth. Avoid drinks that can stain the aligners, such as coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks with artificial dyes. You must always be careful with any beverage that is not water.

Avoid smoking. You should also avoid smoking while you have your Invisalign clear braces in. Smoking causes the natural teeth to stain, and it is no different with your aligners. Protect them by not smoking, if at all possible.

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