Aldershot, ON dentist explains the benefits of Invisalign for straightening teeth

Invisalign Dentist in Aldershot ON Area

A straight, even smile is beautiful and healthy. It helps you make a good first impression and makes you feel better about yourself. Straightening your teeth should not be difficult. With Invisalign, patients can achieve a more beautiful smile without the hassle of metal brackets. Located in Aldershot, ON, the dentists at Dentistry at LaSalle offer Invisalign as an option for orthodontic correction.

Teeth straightening with Invisalign

Orthodontic treatments improve the function and aesthetic of the smile. Invisalign aligner trays are FDA approved for the treatment of mild to moderate orthodontic needs. Since the trays are made of clear, BPA free plastic, Invisalign is a popular treatment among adults.

Invisalign clear aligners are worn for 20-22 hours per day for effective teeth straightening. Patients use a series of custom trays. One set is worn for a couple of weeks until it is replaced with new aligners. An Invisalign dentist assesses the patient’s progress periodically.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has become a standard in clear aligner trays. Adults who have and have not had previous orthodontic work can reap the benefits of clear aligner trays. This popular treatment comes with the following advantages:

  • Customized – Treatment with Invisalign is completely individualized. The trays are created using impressions of the patient’s teeth.
  • Effective – Clear aligners use precisely placed pressure to gently guide the teeth into place. With each new set of trays, the pressure is slightly different to promote proper shifting of the teeth.
  • Discreet – The clear plastic material allows patients to straighten their teeth without it being obvious.
  • Comfortable – Invisalign trays fit snugly, yet comfortably around the teeth to avoid slipping or moving in the mouth.
  • Removable – Patients can take out their aligners when they eat, drink, or brush their teeth. This protects the integrity of the trays and ensures there are no lingering food particles.
  • No dietary restrictions – With traditional braces, patients have to avoid certain foods so the wires do not pop off. Since Invisalign trays are removable, patients can continue to eat the foods and snacks they enjoy.
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