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Are you embarrassed by your smile because you have lost several or, in some cases, all your teeth? Dr. Swatti Khanna and her team at Dentistry at LaSalle in Burlington, ON values the opportunity to complete your smile with artificial, yet natural looking and affordable dentures that you will be proud of. Dr. Khanna looks forward to assisting you through the process of creating customized dentures that will fit comfortably and provide you with renewed chewing power, among other benefits. Traditional Denture Options There are multiple denture options available to patients, depending on their needs, which include: Partial Dentures – … Continue reading

Patients in Burlington learn more about the denture process

in Burlington learn more about the denture

Drs. Swati Khanna, Liliana Otrocol and Sam Gupta know their patients want strong healthy teeth as well as natural smiles. When dental problems occur such as tooth pain or loss, the team at Dentistry at LaSalle in Aldershot, Burlington are here to help. From routine dental care to customized dentures, they are available to meet all your full range of dental needs.   Aesthetically speaking as well as from a functional standpoint, dentures have come a long way. Patients now have options when they lose a tooth. Dentures have improved so much that now dentists can offer a range of … Continue reading

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