Dentist in Ontario offering Tips to Minimize Risk with Dental Implants

Tips to Minimize Risk with Dental Implants in Ontario Canada Area

Is the confidence that you currently have in your smile not what it used to be? Is this confidence due to gaps in your smile which are a result of missing teeth? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then dental implants are something you should probably look into. Dental implants offered by Dr. Swati Khanna at Dentistry at La Salle in Ontario, Canada are intended to restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile while also restoring functionality. An implant is surgically inserted and fused to your jawbone and an abutment (typically a crown) is then affixed so that it looks just like a natural tooth. People won’t be able to tell you’ve had any work done at all!

Dental implants are inserted surgically, so there is a risk to the procedure. That risk is incredibly low, and the procedure is considered very safe but, as with any surgical procedure, the risk of infection is always present. As the patient, there are steps that can be taken to minimize this already low risk.


You can take steps to reduce the risk of the procedure before it is ever performed. Make sure you are completely honest with your dentist and inform them of any pre-existing medical conditions you may suffer from and if you have any allergies to medication or if you’ve had issues with anesthesia in the past. All this info will go a very long way and your dentist will be able to construct the very best treatment plan for you which contains as little risk as possible.

Avoiding Infection

The risk of infection is already exceptionally low when receiving a dental implant, but there are some steps you can take to minimize this risk even further.

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  • Rinsing with saltwater throughout recovery will assist in controlling any bacteria in the wound while the wound heals. This is not recommended during the first day of recovery but is generally ok after that. Check with your dentist.
  • Do not smoke. Do not smoke a week before the procedure or after. It’s best to not resume smoking until your dentist tells you it will not harm the surgical wound. Outside of the known risks, smoking presents to your overall health, it also introduces significant bacteria into the mouth which can hinder its ability to heal.
  • Maintain healthy oral hygiene. Keep brushing, flossing and rinsing after the implants have been placed. This ensures that you keep the area clean and bacteria-free.

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