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Burlington, Ontario area dentist offers treatments for kids

Dentist for Kids in Burlington Ontario area

Finding a dentist that serves adults is simple, but what about a dentist who provides treatments for the entire family? At Dentistry at La Salle in Burlington, Ontario, our dentist is pleased to offer services for both children and adults under one roof! Dental services for kids may include everything from simple cleanings and evaluations to extensive restorative work as needed. What treatments are available for children? While children often have different dental concerns that require specialized care, they also require the same treatments as adults in most cases. Below is a simple list of the treatments available for children: … Continue reading

Services provided for kids by Burlington, ON dentist

Kids Dentist in Burlington area

At Dentistry at La Salle, Dr. Swati Khanna of Burlington, ON offers services that are provided not only for adults but also kids! Our dental team provides dental care for our youngest patients. As soon as a child develops their first primary teeth through the gum line, they need to visit a dentist to evaluate their oral health. This is a great time to provide education for parents and teach parents about how they can ensure their children have healthy smiles for life! What are the services provided for kids at Dentistry at La Salle? Dr. Swati Khanna is pleased … Continue reading

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