Burlington parents ask, “Will Invisalign orthodontic services work for children?”

Invisalign Services For Children In Burlington Area

Braces with metal brackets and sharp wires used to be the norm for many children and teens. While this orthodontic treatment was, and still is, effective, many kids don’t want to deal with the change in appearance, or the pain that traditional orthodontics can cause. With the growing popularity of Invisalign orthodontic services, Dr. Swati Khanna of LaSalle Dentistry advises parents that Invisalign can be the right orthodontic treatment for some children. Benefits of Invisalign Invisalign orthodontic treatment, which uses clear alignment trays to gently shift the teeth into the proper position, offers several benefits for patients of any age: … Continue reading

Wondering, “Why do I need a dental crown?” Burlington – Aldershot area dentist explains

Why do I need a dental crown in Burlington area

Dental crowns are a common functional and aesthetic restoration that protects weakened and damaged teeth. Because they are so commonly recommended, many individuals ask us, “Why do I need a dental crown?” At Dentistry at LaSalle, we understand why this question gets asked. For starters, even with dental insurance, dental crowns can be expensive. And furthermore, it’s important to make sure that you are receiving the correct services. In the following article, we’ll explain dental crowns and their purpose to help you determine why you need a dental crown. And if you’re in the Burlington or Aldershot areas, call us … Continue reading

Are you curious about “What is dental irrigation and why do I need it? Aldershot Dentist, Dr. Khanna, explains

What is irrigation and why do I need irrigation LaSalle in Aldershot area

Have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease? If so, your dentist may have recommended dental irrigation. The primary purpose of this treatment is to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth which can aid in the treatment of periodontal disease. At Dentistry at La Salle in Aldershot, we encourage all our patients to maintain routine dental exams and cleanings which can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. However, if periodontal disease does occur, do not worry, our team is well equipped to offer treatment that will restore oral health. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is a progressive dental … Continue reading

Patients in Aldershot ask, “Why do I need to get a root canal?”

Why Do I Need a Root Canal in Aldershot area

At Dentistry at LaSalle, we provide high quality, comprehensive dental care for patients in and around the Aldershot area. Root canals are one of the procedures that we recommend in order to save a severely damaged tooth. While they have gained a reputation as a painful procedure that should be feared, root canals are a safe and effective way to save the natural tooth and prevent the need for extraction. If you are wondering, “Why do I need to get a root canal?” Allow us to explain. Below, we’ll look at the root canal procedure and their value when performed … Continue reading

Wondering, “Why do I need to go to the dentist every six months?” An Aldershot Dentist Explains

Why Do I Need to Visit the Dentist Every Six Months in Aldershot area

Do you know that you should be visiting your dentist every six months to keep your teeth and gums healthy? By vising the dentist twice per year, you are not only improving your oral health, you are also taking care of your entire body. There have been numerous studies proving the link between oral health and overall wellbeing.  Heart disease and even diabetes can have symptoms that first appear in the mouth. At Dentistry at LaSalle in Aldershot, we believe in the importance of regular dental care.   Having a healthy smile is an important component of overall wellness. The … Continue reading

Tips to help your child overcome their fear of the dentist

How Do I Help My Children to Overcome the Fear of the Dentist in Burlington area

Is your child fearful of the dentist? It’s normal for children to have anxiety about many things, from scary monsters to heights to being left alone. Helping children overcome these fears and ease their anxiety gives them valuable coping tools. As a parent, you may be wondering, “But how do I help my children overcome their fear of the dentist?” In the following post, we’ll look at some things you can do to make visiting the dentist a positive experience for your child. What is dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is fear or stress as it relates to visiting the dentist. … Continue reading

Wondering why you need to see the dentist every six months? One Aldershot dental practice explains why

Why do I need to visit the dentist in Aldershot area every six months?

You open your mailbox. Inside is a card from the dentist telling you it’s time for your six-month check-up. You wonder how it could possibly be time since you feel like you were just at the dentist ­– so you toss the card into the trash and go about your day.   This scenario in some form or another occurs all the time. We get asked, “Why do I need to visit the dentist in Aldershot every six months?” The answer is simple. Regular dental care is the easiest and most inexpensive way to keep your mouth healthy.  From preventing … Continue reading

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