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Finding a dentist for your family should not have to be a challenge. Parents who are in need of a dentist near me should contact Dentistry at LaSalle in Aldershot, Ontario. Our dentists offer comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We understand the importance of quality dental care and work with you to develop good habits for your family.

Establish good oral hygiene for children

Proper oral hygiene begins as early as infancy. Children, even infants and toddlers, need to follow a routine to keep their teeth and gums healthy. For babies, wipe the gums with a soft cloth to remove milk or food particles. This starts to establish oral hygiene and gets the child used to cleaning his/her mouth.

When the first tooth comes in, more traditional brushing and flossing begin. By developing good habits early, parents improve the likelihood that their children will participate in oral care routines to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This gets children on the path toward good oral health. The goal is to make oral hygiene a way of life for the child. Once children begin to brush their own teeth, parents should continue to check for proper habits and for potential problems.

The importance of pediatric dental care

Children can begin visiting the dentist when they start to get teeth. During the infant and toddler years, these appointments help establish and set the stage for dental care. The visits are about comfort and familiarity. The child gets acquainted with the dentist, dental team, the tools, and the environment. In an effort to promote healthy habits, the parents and dental team work to maintain a positive, comfortable atmosphere for children.

Routine dental appointments are scheduled every six months for adults and children. During pediatric dental appointments, the dentist and hygienist discuss the proper care of baby and erupting adult teeth with parents and children. Dental appointments may also include:

  • Tips on how to brush and floss
  • Examination of the teeth and gums
  • Professional cleaning
  • Fluoride treatments
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For a dentist near me in Aldershot, Ontario, contact Dentistry at LaSalle. Our team offers comprehensive general and cosmetic dental care for the whole family. Call 905-634-9090 today!
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"After avoiding the dentist for many years I made an appointment at Dentistry at Lasalle. They have been extremely kind and accommodating to me and my situation; it has really helped easy my anxiety about the dentist. Also after feeling uneasy with rushed cleanings and extremely high rates I switched my kids from a pediatric dentist in town to Dentistry at Lasalle and I’m happy to say we will all be seeing the dentist and having our cleaning done here! They did a great job with the kids, cleaning was thorough and kids were happy!"

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