Aldershot dental veneers treatment can cover, but not fix, crooked teeth

Braces are usually the primary step most dentists suggest for teeth straightening. However, there are cases like those of single crooked teeth in which it’s not the most efficient solution. Likewise, it is not ideal for patients with overlapping teeth either.

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For cases like these, where orthodontic braces aren’t needed or advisable, porcelain veneers come to the rescue. Veneers can cover problems like crooked teeth and overlap very efficiently, leaving the patient with a beautiful smile after it is done. For cutting edge dental veneers treatment in Aldershot, patients should visit an experienced dentist.


For patients whose canine teeth appear more prominent compared to the rest, a simple porcelain veneer treatment can work wonders. Different patients may have different requirements for improvement. For example, a few teeth can be set separate from others, or just one tooth might be a bit distinct to look at. Whatever the arrangement might be, a skilled dentist can cover it with ease and precision using porcelain veneers instead of braces.

Cause of Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

The cause of misalignment or crooked shape varies from one individual to another. The majority of people tend to develop crooked teeth from a very young age due to the habit of sucking their thumb. This leads to teeth getting pushed forward when the thumb is in the mouth. Dentists also suggest veneers to reduce the appearance of the protrusion in teeth. Whatever be the case, a set of porcelain veneers for your teeth can give you a lustrous pearl-like smile that’s long-lasting.

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Dental veneers can help in the restoration of a good smile, and significantly enhance the overall personality.

Do Veneers really correct Crooked Teeth?

Veneers are just a set of porcelain coverings, which covers the front of your teeth. They hide any imperfections that might be visible when you talk or smile. Since there is no physical shaping or moving of teeth involved, veneers cannot be said to ‘fix’ the crooked shape of teeth.


It merely exists as an easy way to beautify the way your teeth look by adding a layer that makes them appear straight, aligned and white. Since it’s free of the hassle and inconvenience of braces and a quick procedure, it is often favored over braces.


With dental veneers, the appearance of your teeth is improved, and it remains that way for a long time. There is no frequent check-up or visiting the dentist involved.

Can Veneers improve Social and Work Life?

An attractive smile can improve an individual’s self-confidence and have a positive influence on their professional and personal life. Dental veneers can help in the restoration of a good smile, and significantly enhance the overall personality. Many patients who use dental veneers report that their social and work life has benefitted considerably in subtle ways.

How long do Veneers Last?

Veneers can last up to 15-20 years if they are taken proper care of. Some habits like biting nails if avoided can ensure that your veneers stay intact long. If you clean them right and take care of your oral hygiene, you might never need to replace them. In case they are damaged, a new set of veneers can be used.

Lumineers for Crooked Teeth

For slightly chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth, Lumineers are the best solution. A quick easy assessment will help determine if you can use Lumineers. There are certain certified Lumineers dentists to assess if a patient qualifies for Lumineers. You can contact your dentist for a Lumineers test.

Veneers are just a set of porcelain coverings, which covers the front of your teeth.

Align Crooked Teeth

Lumineers are the easiest way to go about getting a beautiful, straight smile. While braces might seem highly efficient, they are an embarrassment and are painful. Thus, adults do not prefer to opt for them. Lumineers are a more efficient alternative to orthodontics in some cases.

Reshape Small or Misshapen Teeth

A lot of people have small, misshaped teeth that may compromise their smile. If you are avoiding veneers thinking that grinding your teeth down for them will be painful, try Lumineers. They are ultra-thin, and they require no physical shaping in most cases.


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